STAAD.Pro is a structural analysis and design software which can be used for design/analysis. RCC and steel structures are designed according to the relevant country codes.

Staad Pro stands for Structural Analysis And Designing Program. This Software is most used Software for civil Engineering designing. It is not like Auto CAD. We work in only 2 dimensions in AutoCAD and that is not detailed. In this Software you work 3 dimensionly. Mainly the Software reduces your manual calculation and time.

Advantage of using StaadPro Software :

It have faster method of designing the structure.

It is Suitable for almost all types material for designing i. e. Concrete, Steel, Aluminium etc.
It Shows accuracy in results i. e. Shear Force, Bending moment diagram for each and every beam and column of the structure. That you were doing manualy.
Shows result for Number of reinforcement used longitudanaly, Shear reinforcement.
It does not involve any manual calculation.
Helps you to make improvement in structure, section, dimensions.
You can design structure for any type of load i. e. Dead load, Live load, wind load, snow load, area load, floor load etc.
You can design simple beam to sky scraper and analyse wheather it will fail at applied load or pass.
You can import designs from auto CAD to staad. Easy to learn.

Limitations :

Not for brick masonary work.
Does not show the amount of material used.

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