Revit Structure – Auto Desk & Its use in Designing

Just like other BIM softwares, Revit Structure also helps us in getting command on our designing skills. It helps in doing this by two ways which are further discussed below:

  • It provides designers with information about their design:.

    Quantities of the Material, Sizes of Structural Members, and some structural analysis calculations can be easily accessed in Revit Structure.

    There are newer extensions to this function for analysis by Auto Desk with Robot Structural Analysis Professional Software | Auto Desk.
  • It aids Designers with Visualization (a model) for their design: 

    -A digital component represented by a physical object gives an idea of how the structure fits in with the overall design & 2D drawings.
    – With the help of new extension “Revit Steel Connections”, you can see how they potential connect to each other.
Revit Analysis

This is a great tool for any AEC team that deals with large structural members.

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